An original Christmas Gift for the Nursery – Personalised Bookshelves – 10% Off

I’m writing this a year too late. The shelves above (or ones similar anyway) should have been sitting in Alexander’s room months ago but Mr Pregnantcitygirl kept umming and ahhing over the two different hues of blue, meaning to call the lovely people at Sezitall in order to clear up his indecision but here we are a year down the line and no shelves. In actual fact they were going to be a present for when Alexander was born from my sister and brother-in-law but that ship has sailed so this post is to say ‘ have a look at these amazing shelves, this is the only place that makes them’ and hopefully at some stage soon I’ll have a picture of our own shelves proudly displaying Alexander’s name in lovely blue letters! There’s a 10% discount with the code PCG10 too!