How to plan a 1st Birthday Party worthy of National Press coverage?( The happy Story) To be cont….

Well it’s been a long and busy month and we are only two weeks in! I’ve shortened my life by at least five years with the stress but it was definitely worth it, I think! Well, sort of. You may be wondering what I’m going on about. It’s called Event Management and if I say so myself I’d hire me to stage any event given the immense success of the one I have just pulled off. It was Alexander’s 1st birthday of course and what a party. He won’t remember it but he won’t have to because it may have been in the press and we have videos and photos galore. We even had a Daily Mail photographer in attendance! ‘Why?’  you may ask. Well, at this moment I am asking myself the same question so this article comes with a warning for now, until I actually manage to find out how it all ends and I say manage because I do not know.

So, struggles aside, I thought we all deserved a party to rival all parties and so that is what I organised. For sixty of our closest friends and family; mostly adults but a healthy smattering of kids too who really enjoyed themselves thanks to the soft play. By the way, I’m not joking when I say ‘ sixty of our closest friends and family.’ Not in the least bit exaggerated. I have a big family and a few friends and it adds up! I wonder what Alexander will say when he understands and we show him what a party we really had!

It all started with a cake. The one above actually, made by the amazing artists at The Cake Store. One of the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted. You see that it’s a cake to rival all cakes. A new addition to the million and one stunning creations that The Cake Store offers. A working train on the top as of course every one year old boy needs! I get a call from the cake man asking me if I’d be interested in appearing in a national newspaper as a host of a ‘Fabulous 1st Birthday’. Now being one always up for a challenge and a little publicity (not too much and only hand-picked of course) I said ‘yes’ so I became a party planner for a week. Oh, did I tell you I had four days to pull this off.

How do you plan a 1st birthday extravaganza in four days? Well… you ask me, that how! From the fabulously luxurious Chesterfield bar, Marcin, our friendly but professional barman for the afternoon, shook up a stir serving mouth-watering mocktails for the kids and  dangerously addictive cocktails. All by the people Madonna and Kate Moss hire for their parties; Create Cocktails. We had Mojitos,  Strawberry Bellinis (made with Lidl’s award-winning prosecco I’ll have you know) , Virgin and Bloody Marys with a healthy smattering of Koh Phi Phis (mango juice, Coco Vita, lemongrass syrup and lime juice).

What 1st birthday would be complete without balloons and decoration? So, a call was made to London’s top party planner, Oscar at Oscar’s Den; a place that my mother used to take me many moons ago to get party accessories for my birthdays as well as fancy dress for our Halloween Parties. I have to also mention that Oscar was a pleasure to deal with, perhaps it was because he reminded me of a very young version of my Zaida ( grandfather).

I’m writing this with a bittersweet feeling and a knot in my stomach because all’s well may not end well but more of that at a later date when perhaps despite many, many emails (some without a reply) I do not have the end to this story yet.

Moving swiftly on however, a party needs a caterer and who better than one who features in Tatler’s party list of course. Nothing but the best for Alexander! So, call on Clemmie at Sugar and Spice Food to rise to the occasion. Her brownies are to die for and the food not only tasted delicious but looked beautiful too. Think delicious cheese and onion marmalade sandwiches, smoked salmon, cream cheese all scattered with flower petals and buttery home-made scones with jam and cream. The food was nothing but exceptional and perfectly befitting of a first birthday and just to top it off served on beautiful vintage crockery brought to our door by the wonderful, if not very patient, Daniella at Classic Crockery; they hire out amazing vintage stuff for all types of parties and do styling too!

You might also notice, taking pride of place in this photo, a sweet tree; yes a tree made entirely out of sweets. They make them out of anything; Maltesers, Cola Bottles, Haribo! I can’t do Sweet Creations justice here so just take a look at their website because what they do is every kid’s (and adult’s!) dream.

A 1st birthday party wouldn’t be a party without some toys and activities so of course a call was made to Lopez at Dancing Cubs. Along she comes in her van and you can see the results for yourself. Needless to say we had kids of all ages at our party and even the older ones played happily!

What 1st birthday party would be complete without a fireworks display?! Thanks again to the pyrotechnicians at Phoenix Fireworks.

Finally, to take home for everyone, an edible piece of art, gingerbread and very,very yummy. Note the train theme continues from cake to biscuits! This incredible home-run business ships all over the world and makes custom designs to order.

Thanks Steph at Ice My  or visit her facebook page here

Stay tuned to see how the story ends……………