Baby Must Have – Fresh Squeezed – Forget Expensive Pouches!

Now I’m a bit late to the table (forgive the pun!) with this one as toddler PCG is just that-a toddler. That said, this is something that is an absolute must and something that I fell in love with the minute it was launched earlier this year.

I hate giving practical advice,  like to think that my blog is a bit more sophisticated than that but I’m giving in for this product. Anyway, perhaps it’s not practical advice but financial because this saved me a lot of money in the short time I got to use it before Alexander really became too old (he has 12 teeth already at 17 months!) and had it been available for the previous year I probably would have saved hundreds of pounds. So listen up!

For the control freak mothers out there, the ones who want only the freshest,greenest, most organic purees. For the babies who will only suck out of the shop-bought pouches, (you know who you are-must be at least 70% of you!) this system is a godsend. I kept asking myself why nobody had invented it before. Every time we went out for lunch with Alexander 4 or 5 of these shop-bought organic pouches came with us as it was our only guarantee that he would be eating something and something healthy. At over £1 each you are looking at £4/5 per meal which is not what it should cost to feed a baby healthily. But, It’s also far easier than decanting purees into those  fiddly plastic containers that need to be spoon-fed messily in!

Fresh Squeezed by Infantino, an exclusive to BabiesRUs is an absolutely brilliant product. It’s a simple system that lets you puree anything you like and decant it into convenient, easy to store and ready-to-use pouches. No more mess, no more fuss and it works out at a fraction of the cost of buying ready-filled pouches. It also means that you get to choose what you feed your baby. I can’t say how much I raved about this when I found out about it. It’s a no-brainer, really. Trust me! P.S it’s also a doddle to use for those of us who aren’t great cooks!