Is it really that Time of the Year already? Cupid??!

Seeing as I am in the throes of something much bigger at the moment, this is going to be short and sweet. A bit like me -yeeuch! Does Valentine’s Day really exist once you hit 40? Once you have been married for 12 years? Once you have children? Now, I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade and why shouldn’t we celebrate love? So, after having been inundated with requests I thought I’d mention what I’d like for Valentine’s Day ( aside from the diamond earrings of course and the surprise weekend away at the Waterside Inn!).  Well, it’s perfume.

It’s my new ‘beauty routine’. I say beauty routine but that’s about all the time you get with a toddler. A couple of seconds to spritz yourself to smell divine is all you get! I have my favourites and this time around, where my collection is seriously running low, is on the L’Artisan Parfumeur side;  the French niche fragrance house founded in 1976, back when life was simple and I was just four years old! Their fragrances are distinctive, ‘intriguing’ and unusual and are created using only the best of the best in raw materials. I love their originality. Two of my favourites from their spicy range include ‘ Piment Brulant’ the smells of pepper (and cocoa and vanilla) and ‘Safran Troublant’; a heady mix of saffron, vanilla, rose and sandalwood. Each is one of a kind and some are even shocking they are so unexpected. So, Mr. PCG, when you read this! I’ve done your job for you. I want this one. I’ve made it easy as it’s exclusive at QVC, is called Mon Numero 7 and for the real perfume buffs the top notes are saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, mandarin and star anise. Spice is my thing.

On the flipside. Just incase our lovely other halves deserve a little something I am likely to go with something Elemis also from QVC. I’m liking their brands at the moment-who would have thought it!