Beauty Buy of the Day

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and I’m a true believer in that. You can tell everything from looking into someone’s eyes. On the beauty front I am a bit lazy with make-up. I have dabbled in all sorts of short cuts from lash perming and dying- brilliant, takes 45 minutes and last up to 3 months for the perm and a few weeks for the dye to mascara that is supposed to make your lashes grow longer – didn’t wear it often enough so can’t comment to threading and dying of my brows – great and very effective but needs upkeep. It’s funny how being a mummy suddenly means that you can’t find an hour a month for yourself. I’m also budgeting so no unneccesaries at the moment and you will see why shortly. So, a quick fix is what I need and brow gel is mine. I still don’t wear mascara often enough and I loved false lashes and would be a convert ( not to TOWIE ones, but to natural ones, however despite my stupid perseverance each time I tried my eyes would swell up) but my body rejects them so each morning to reasonably tidy brows I add a swoosh of Blinc Brow Mousse in Dark Blonde. I’ve tried a few different brow gels but the thing that sets Blinc apart is that theirs comes in eight different shades including clear. You really need a slightly-darker-than-hair colour to get the desired effect of framing your eyes to make them stand out and it works. It also moisturises the brows and the skin underneath so what’s not to like? Apply just a tiny amount and you are good to go. Quick fix for the eyes.