Moaningcitygirl or Desperate Housewife?

This is terrible to say but if I just give in to my feelings then I won’t feel good at all.  You must be sick of it by now. I am. Week 24 this week. Roll on November. Maybe an actual live, born, baby will give me the focus I need. Not much really to say today. The health insurance has taken two monthly payments out of our account by accident leaving us broke so I’m feeling even poorer than usual. It’s funny how one small negative event at the beginning of an empty day just sets you up for a low one. I know what I need to do. Go out for a walk. Get out of the house, fresh air etc. Anything to stop me feeling sorry for myself. Went to pilates yesterday and that did the trick. Come on. Snap out of it! I think I’ll report back later when I’m feeling more upbeat.

At the moment I’m in bed (surprise, surprise) with my BabyPlus system strapped to my ever-growing belly. For those of you who don’t already know about pre-natal education this a private school in  little noisy plastic box. For £75 ( bought mine through Ebay or Amazon, can’t remember which), ‘ The BabyPlus curriculum is a series of 16 naturally derived sounds that resemble a mother’s heartbeat. The rhythm of the sounds increases incrementally as the pregnancy progresses. The BabyPlus sonic pattern introduces your child to a sequential learning process, built upon the natural rhythms of their own environment.’ Lazy or what!! I just copied this from the website. Their words are better than mine! So, I’m choosing to believe that this actually leads to a baby sleeping better, being more astute, generally learning more quickly, aiding early development. You know what they say; you can sell anything to a salesperson!