Charlie & The Chesterfield Tea – Charlie & The Chocolate Factory- Themed Tea in London

Yesterday we went to Charlie and The Chesterfield Tea. As you can guess, a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – themed tea at the Chesterfield Hotel in Mayfair, just behind Berkely Square.

Given that we are reading the wonderful book by Roald Dahl and also the pertinent timing-  the passing of Gene Wilder – the original and to me, the only Willy Wonka, it seemed befitting. 

Many of you wont know the Chesterfield. A small, regency-style, boutique hotel more akin to a traditional private club. The entrance, decked out it rich, decadent velvet and beautiful flower arrangements. It’s also not too difficult to park at the weekend!

We arrived to a full dining room- afternoon tea is very popular here. Also opulent in decor with a brighter conservatory, where we sat with the children. A pianist playing in the background.

Greeted by mini bottles of fizzy sweetness to whet the palate, the experience began. 

The gracious and knowledgeable staff talked us through the menu options. All the cakes and pastries are lovingly created by their patissier, with a gluten free and vegetarian option both featured without needing to enquire. 

We ordered a traditional as well as a vegetarian. The difference being in the sandwich selection which included roasted vegetables and the traditional cheese and tomato combination with the added bonus of some interesting breads for the veggie option, otherwise, smoked salmon and cream cheese, free-range egg, honey roast ham with cheese and chutney amongst others for non-veggie. From a sandwich point of view expect dainty but definitely traditional,  with a twist. There’s also unlimited food which means don’t eat lunch beforehand and also represents great value. 

Pricing is at £36.50 per person or £43.5 including a glass of champagne. For the little ones, the Little Oompa Loompa Tea costs £17.50 and includes some childrens favourites like peanut butter and jam sandwiches and a choice of milkshakes. The pastry selection includes ‘Wonkatastic ‘ pastries and desserts, all with younger palates in mind.

The choice of teas is also something worth taking your time over. The tea menu is two pages long! We opted for rose tea and chocolate tea (nothing like you would expect – rather a sophisticated tea with a hint of Peruvian high-grade cocoa). It’s no surprise that this tea has won accolades from the Tea Guild.

Moving on to the sweet stuff, the beautifully-presented plates feature scones and muffins, Oompa Loompa cake, a scrumptious golden egg, blueberry macaroons, fizzy lifting cake and the delicious Wonka Bars (I won’t say too much more as it ruins the surprise!). 

Willy Wonka is ever present for the kids, offering neverending gobstoppers, lollies, activity packs and the very important golden tickets – what’s inside is for you to find out. 

A lovely themed tea, lots of fun, pretty yummy and visually very appealing, it’s a definite thumbs up for adults and children alike!
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