My Little Piccolo – The New Kids on the Babyfood Block – One to Buy

Well it’s been a while now since pouches of baby food hit the market thus changing the way we feed our little ones for good. No more annoying jars, no more spoons necessary (although personally I decant unless we are on the run – I’d like my child not to expect to suck food out of a pouch too often!), Pouches are fab though. Heat up in a bowl of hot water, don’t, if you are on the run. They are just amazing, as we all now know.

I’m not here to teach you how to suck eggs though. There’s nothing new in what I’m saying. We all agree, I’m sure. However, there is something new that I’m really excited about in the pouch market and that’s a brand new entrant. We’ve been coasting for a long while now, all the brands are much of a muchness with nothing to new or novel to add. Today, I’m pleased to say that Piccolo has brought a mini revolution. I’ve been testing their gorgeous offering for a while now. A breathe of fresh air for mums and their weaning babies.

Started by a lady called Cat, passionate about good food, it’s origins and taste, shares around a family table, she has created a range with a true Mediterranean twist. Each pouch introduces babies to new tastes and flavours – not just in the mix of their main ingredients but each with an added pitch of a herb or spice which elevates the flavour beyond the sum of its parts. Apple and apricot with a hint of cinnamon, for example. Cinnamon in itself is such brilliant spice with its own health benefits to boot.

The pouches include sweet and savoury – superfoods, grains, pulses and dairy – thus making it possible to introduce a well- rounded diet whilst weaning. I also use the pouches at home to cook with – adding fish or meat with ever greater texture as my little one is getting older. I can’t be without Piccolo now. As they are the cornerstone of my baby’s diet and save me masses of time. I also know that what he’s eating is really good for him. Everything is totally organic, of course.

The Mediterranean slant, based on balance in life and food and the addition of herbs and spices also help develop little taste buds at a crucial early stage, helping to avoid fussy eaters! The range can be bought in Waitrose, Ocado and Wholefoods Market and 10% of profit goes to food eduction charities. Now that’s the brand I’m proud to to into my shopping trolley and so should you be. Pouches aren’t all the same anymore, there is one true winner and that’s Piccolo!

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