Back to School Gadgets 

The long summer is over and my little baby is now a child! Turning 5 in November he has started reception. Luckily, not a huge upheaval as he attended nursery at the same school but nevertheless a big milestone.

I love gadgets or time-saving ideas. I’m always on the lookout. Every mother knows that time is her enemy. Well, that and healthy eating. So with this in mind I have three tip recommendations. 

Firstly, on the healthy eating point. This is the beginning of packed lunches for me. A novice and not a great cook with little imagination I came across yep lifesavers both prefixed by the same clever company.

The first doubles as a pouch for my eleven month old snd is literally that- a refillable smoothie pouch called a Nutri Fill-It. Each day I whizz up some fruit with some yogurt and pop in the freezer. Next day out it comes to defrost over the morning at school. I love it. Made of durable, machine-washable plastic, it’s a quick, easy fix!

Next, is the Yumbox. A hermetically sealed children’s lunchbox that has separate compartments for each food type so for all those with little understanding of food type or portion size, just follow the pictures and labels cleverly printed  inside. It even holds runny stuff like yogurt without leaking!
Last on my list is a brilliant time saver. A Stamptastic stamp. Go online, pick your font and size with a little image to personalise further, an ink block and you are away. No more sewing or ironing on labels. No more lost things at school. Genius! Now onto the homework. Where are the bright ideas for motivating the little ones to do homework?!