Top Children’s Shoes – Best New Brands

When it comes to shoes for kids, things have improved a thousand fold since my day when you either bought Start Rite or else your mum took you to Dolcis. My mother insisted on Start Rite. She understood the importance of quality shoes that fit right. Young feet are so malleable and once you have misshapen feet, there’s no going back. Nowadays, the high street is awash with brands. From the old faithful to the very new. I’ve made my way through the countries from Italy to the very trendy Danes but for this season and next I’m championing two very new brands to me and ones that few will have had the privilege to know yet.

Let’s head to Austria first. Superfit is the name to know and the brand that your children should be growing up in. A brand that takes responsibility for children’s feet. They produce just for kids and have the benefit of 60 years of experience. Selling in over 45 countries they are quietly blowing the competition out of the water with their quality and designs. Their focus is on foot health and growing feet. With a huge portfolio of every design for every possible occasion, each shoe is perfectly designed and built to withstand wear – something that many others are not.

Based on orthopaedic expertise and designed in conjunction with paediatricians, these shoes really are the best you can get for your children’s feet. Importantly, at Superfit they are always innovating, so with each new collection, product managers collaborate with experts to integrate new innovations and technologies. These guys never rest on their laurels and are constantly at the forefront for kid’s shoes. what makes their shoes great? Light soles, flexible toes and breathable fabrics. They work closely with GORE-TEX too, so many models are waterproof.

Their collection is huge so that you can be sure that you child is wearing supportive, comfortable and durable shoes whatever the occasion. Check out their collection here. Th best possible thing you can do though is to go to a specialist shoe-fitter. I took my son to the amazing Marie in North London. She is an expert in her field and stocks many of the Superfit range precisely because she believes in the brand. Take the extra time if you live anywhere nearby to visit here.  259 East Barnet Road.

My second brand to look out for and a relative newcomer for me despite their 60 years of experience, this year is Froddo. Italian designed and Croatian made, their collection represents comfort and colour. High on their list of priorities is the environment. Each pair is natural (using vegetable colour), produced with chrome-free, water-based adhesives. Started as a small business, a group of shoemakers have turned their art into a successful manufacturer of wonderful, playful children’s shoes. All Froddo’s shoes are leather lined with leather uppers and anatomic insoles for perfect support. Materials are lightweight and antibacterial too.

One of my favourites in the Froddo range is their prewalker. Beautiful soft chrome-free leather that lets babies feet develop whilst protecting them. Also, look for thir UNIQUEfit range. One shoe that has two width fits; an additional insole that can be removed thus creating more space.

 Amazing for feet that arent quite the same. Their collection is also enormous and they do brilliant school shoes. Check out the collection here or at Ryker Kids
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