How to Give Your Child a Headstart in the Womb! -Prenatal Education 

I know that it might sound a little crazy but bear with me on this. I’m talking from experience here, with one newborn experienced and one to come. In fact, my newborn is now nearly four with his sibling  following in a very few weeks from now.

I want to recommend a product that you start to use from around twenty weeks of pregnancy. A pre-natal education system which effectively straps around your growing waist for 2x one hour ‘lessons’ per day (a great excuse to relax although you don’t need to, you can just get on with whatever you might need to do instead) until you give birth.

What exactly is the Baby Plus Prenatal Education System?  Well, it’s a patented learning system that starts working on your baby’s cognitive development from the beginning when he or she can hear. We now know that the earliest stages of development provide the most rapid growth than any other stage and that this can be harnessed with the proper methods. Put simply, the Baby Plus plays a series of sixteen audio lessons that starts off very simply and becomes more complex as the baby develops in the womb. They are natural sounds and rhythms that the growing baby recognises from being in the womb, similar to the comforting heartbeat of its mother. Each stage or lesson is tailored to that particular developmental stage.

The benefits of using BabyPlus are listed below;

BabyPlus® parents report babies at birth and infancy:

Are more relaxed & alert at birth

More readily nurse

Display increased ability to self-soothe

Are more interactive & responsive

And later in life demonstrate:

Earlier developmental milestones

Longer attention spans

Improved school readiness

Strong learning skills

I’ve heard of people playing music to their unborn babies as well as talking to them too- both as ways to stimulate but there are no clinical studies to back up any benefit whatsoever of doing so. However, a scientific study has shown Baby Plus to be different and the most effective form of stimulation with music and words being too random to really be absorbed progressively as these sounds are.

I used my Baby Plus religiously through my first pregnancy and continue to do so through my second. My first child was born extremely alert, with what I would class as very ‘intelligent eyes’! He was an easy baby and continues to be well ahead of his developmental age and his peers.  I know it’s easy to say as a parent but it’s definitely true and I’m convinced enough to recommend the BabyPlus to any expectant parent. You have much to gain and nothing to lose!

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