Why can’t we let Children be Children? In France they do!


photo (67)It’s funny. For someone as progressive and open-minded as I am, I am also quite old-fashioned and obstinate. What am I going to talk about, you ask yourselves. Gay marriage? Immigration into the UK? No. Actually, I can’t handle serious topics. I get too ‘passionate’ about my opinions. What I am going to talk about today though is clothing. I can just about handle clothing; The nice side of dressing your kids.
I was a very lucky child growing up. I was totally spoilt and very well dressed. A combination of purchases on European holidays with almost weekly visits to Harrods or Fortnum’s.
I was never overdressed, don’t get me wrong but I had good quality clothes, lots bought in the sale and when I was a toddler the most beautiful smock dresses in the summer paired with matching knickers. I was dressed like a little girl. I sound so old when I say this because I don’t want to turn back time (much) and I truly appreciate the wonders of science and progress but some things have definitely been lost along the way. Our children have become precocious. Wanting to grow up to soon, too fast. Parents try to push adult fashion on to little kids. Clothing manufacturers don’t help either. Why do adults want to dress their children up to be mini adults? Why can’t they wear clothes that are designed for children? What’s the hurry? Well. I have found one brand that does just that. Classic, timeless pieces for kids that look like kids. I love their design, all from France and made in the UK out of beautiful quality fabrics.
photo (65)
Here’s a sneak peek of toddler PCG in a classic and easy to wear summer romper suit!
It can be found on the website here.

Chateau de Sable is a brand that I found and that I love for exactly the reasons above; they let children be children. Check out their range of beautiful designer clothes. What’s the rush? It truly is the best time of their lives!photo (68)