The 3 Little Pigs with Simon Webbe, Palace Theatre

We have just returned from a very successful day out to see the latest Stiles and Drew production of the classic 3 Little Pigs at the Palace Theatre. With Drew’s story aimed at adults and children alike, some really fun and funky tunes provided by Stiles, impressive choreography by Ewan Jones and a pretty good set by Jason Denvir, there is something for everyone. A smattering of jokes for the grown-ups and kids – the pigs are named Bar, Bee and Q, for example, the fifty minute extravaganza flew by.

Of course, a big draw comes in the guise of Simon Webbe from the boyband Blue. He plays a rock and rollesque wolf fabulously; my four year-old jumped back in shock upon his entrance but he wasn’t so scared as to be put off the rest of the show. Instead his eyes stayed glued to the stage and he clapped at every appropriate and possible opportunity!
The story has been adapted and updated, with each little pig having a distinct personality; environmentalist, bookworm and fitness fanatic and there is a clear message of accepting differences but still sticking together when it counts.
From the audience reaction around me, I could tell that we weren’t the only ones to have a thoroughly enjoyable time. A great little show for the young which the old will enjoy too. Well worth seeing! Running until Sept. 6. 3 Little Pigs Live

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