Do you remember Love Hearts?

Where does the time go? I don’t really remember last Valentine’s Day but I remember the year before. Last year I would have been undergoing the IVF that has produced my unbelievably gorgeous little boy (I would say that wouldn’t I!).

Anyway this year I can’t believe that I’m semi-prepared. I’ve bought two cards; one from me and one from my little boy – yes, they actually do do them. It could have gone either way. Had I not walked into Clintons two days ago whilst out walking with my mum then I imagine there would have been no cards for Mr Pregnant Citygirl and no romantic dinners either (although going to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day is a cringeworthy experience- note my idea of dinner is restaurant kitchen cooked and not home cooked!).
What he is getting though, luckily I know there will be no way he will ever bother to read this post, is a cute, playful and easy gift from Swizzels Matlow, the people behind Love Hearts. From me rather than from them of course!

They are launching a new Valentine’s Day collection including a limited edition heart-shaped retro tin full of Mini Love Hearts and an ‘I Love You’ tube of sweets.

The British confectionery giant has produced just 100,000 vintage style tins that are destined to become a collector’s item. The tins are available nationwide at a recommended retail of £1.99 while stocks lasts.

Following the success of the Christmas Mini Love Hearts, New Refreshers and Drumstick Lollies tubes, a 108g Love Hearts tube that reads ‘I Love You’ has been launched. This is available nationally for £1.

You remember the sweets don’t you? The ones with the little love messages on them. For a bit of fun and nostalgia and to take you back to the days when you were an innocent child ( they did exist!) these make a good little gift. They will have to. Mr Pregnantcitygirl isn’t getting anything else!

Log onto the Love Hearts Love Calculator to find out how compatible you and your partner are:

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