Tags for Kids – It’s not such a bad Idea

It’s a bit early for me yet but not for many. What am I talking about? Well, the clever people at Netflights have asked me to write about their ID bracelets for kids. A bit like a collar for your dog! A very clever idea I say. Who doesn’t want the latest friendship bracelet these days? It’s always ‘cool’ to have something around your wrist whether it be a red Kaballah piece of string or a £200 version from a top designer. So, if it can have a practical use, then all the better. When travelling it’s easy for kids to get lost or to wander off. For a little reassurance just give your little ones a bracelet. The parent fills in the child’s name and contact details on it and voila! Simple but effective and reusable too. They have 500 to give away so get on to Facebook for a chance to get yours now.