Martyn Maxey Marylebone – A Review

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve been to the hairdresser. That can’t be normal. My husband, for example has been at least half a dozen times to my none but then he has hair that most men envy; it grows thick and fast!

In my quest for the best blonde, I’ve been around a bit(!) and dare I say it, my usually light blonde highlights having grown out, I’m almost liking the darker colour. Heaven forbid! This only occurs to me the day before I’m due to head to Martyn Maxey – a salon, frequented by many a celeb over its twenty year plus existence (Joss Stone was here last week) and now by me.

From Mayfair to Wigmore Street in an intimate space and really well-located (Best Luxury Salon UK as well as stylist of the Year 2015 no less) this quietly confident hair and beauty establishment knows its stuff. With France doing my colour, her thirteen year history with Martyn speaks volumes. Confident and friendly, during my consultation with them both, they both knew what was best for my hair and my colouring – not too light or it will wash me out and no bleach near the front due to the weak baby hairs! I’m having a good bit cut off the frazzled ends and I’m feeling like I’m going to have a very healthy looking head of hair both colour and cut-wise before we even start. No pink for today either. Apparently not good on open hair cuticles. Well, that told me. Sometimes I need to be!

Martyn Maxey is a special place. There’s something intimate but no-nonsense about it. Simple highlights expertly positioned by France, alongside a conversation about living in Bethnal Green, no, Hackney and then a brilliant cut along with a brilliant chat with Martyn himself.

Up there with the Nicky Clarkes and the Frizz Ease, he has such an interesting history. A hairdresser taken on at Michaeljohn at the age of 21, coming down to London from Derby to a become a man selling hundreds of thousands of units of his own branded products at M&S, via a salon at the Harbour Club where he personally did Diana and the Princes hair regularly. Looking to relaunch his own brand of product, I neglected to mention his stints in product development at P&G and Wella, he’s going to look to crowdfunding. That way he can use a UK manufacturer and have more control over what he stands for.

This man is charming, talented and robust to the max and he still has his feet firmly on the ground.
Foils off (no toner, no messing) and a cut with Martyn – it’s his true talent – he’s won awards for it – and I’m done. So low-key yet so, effective. My hair isn’t too light, it isn’t too dark. The cut is precise and the curls are in tact.

Give them a call and see for yourself! tel:0207 629 6161