Brand Watch – WorkPlay Bag

Guest review by Chloe Barget 

As someone who is a (very amateur) kick boxer, (fair weather) runner and generally extremely hyperactive, I am always lugging around a large bag of sports related items. I have long been looking for a bag that is spacious enough to hold all of my paraphernalia in an organised fashion. What with toiletries, flipflops (for dirty gym showers), boxing gloves, shin guards, mouthguards, post training clean underwear, post-training snack – the list goes on – I never seem to have enough room in other bags I’ve used, let alone able to have everything packed in a neat, easy-to-access way. So when I came across the Workplay Goddess III with its multifarious odour and sweat-proof pockets and compartments, I was extremely keen to put it through its paces.

 The Goddess III is really the perfect work-to-workout bag as it is spacious enough to carry training kit, change of clothes and work papers (it even has a specific document compartment) and each space/pocket is thoughtfully designed to house a specific set of items. Not to mention the nice wide, padded Velcro straps that mean even choc-full and heavy, it is easy to carry.

One of my favourite features has to be the dedicated shoe compartment has an accompanying removable anti-odour bag so you can stash your stinky post workout shoes without smelling out the rest of your bag and there a matching anti odour laundry bag for your sweaty clothes. The separate wash bag which has a handy handle on which to hang it, space for full-sized shower/shampoo bottles and mirror. For those the swimmers amongst you (I’m not one for pools – unless it is my own infinity pool with a view) the ingenious expandable wet compartment is perfect for goggle, costume and wet towel storage and is handily located at the back so as to keep everything else dry.

 Now onto the clever little features that earn the bag its ‘Goddess’ title. Starting with the zip pocket on top in which one can store work/other papers or your Oyster card. There is a nice large zipper- space for your water bottle on one side of the bag, whilst the other side houses your toiletries bag and hairdryer/straighteners (if like me you need to shuttle back to a meeting after your lunchtime session). There is a mini zip compartment for your jewellery – which has thoughtfully been made with a soft lining so as to not scratch the life out of your valuables – means you will no longer need to scramble around to find your watch/rings/necklace – usually all tangled together in my case. A coin pocket and magnetically closing side pocket means you can even put your purse in there and easy access it when grabbing your post workout snack.

 Last but by no means least the packing prompt list means that even if you aren’t naturally anally organised, you need never wonder if you’ve packed your pedometer (or in my case my mouthguard for sparring). With the Goddess III finely-tuned features, the guys at Workplace have really got everything covered.

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