Toddler Brand Watch – Shoes – Step2wo


Mini Johnson Lace Bootie – £58

As you may know,  if you follow me, I  am all about t he best of the best. I am a great consumer but a consumer of all things great, whether they be designer or high street, expensive or good value!

Every season, I am on the lookout for new brands and shops for me and of course and more importantly for toddler PCG.  There is so much out there, it can be a minefield and if you don’t have the time to research and check out the latest offerings, then plenty of gorgeous and little-known options never come your way.  There is something to be said for mass-market and there is something to be said for the more exclusive independents too.

Today’s brand is the utterly gorgeous and luxurious, children’s high-fashion shoe brand called Step2wo. Launched in the Spring of 2007 by Nick and Lulu Rayne, part of a  British shoe-making family spanning generations, not only do they design, manufacture and sell the most stunning shoes, they also run children’s clothing and footwear concessions in  some of our top stores selling top designer names (now this I didn’t know before, as Selfridges and Harvey Nics used to be a regular jaunt but shopping for pleasure has been on the back burner with a little one. Nowadays, it’s just carefully considered purchases and mostly online!).

Anyway, back to the brand in question. My focus is on their own brand of shoes. Their collection is based closely on current adult trends and they keep the collections fresh and new. They are innovative and fashion forward. You can see my two favourites  in the photos; stunning and of a quality that you very rarely see outside of Italy, where the majority of their designs are made.  Okay, they aren’t cheap at around £60 a pair but you get what you pay for and if you are clever and buy something neither too boyish nor girly, then these will make amazing hand-me-downs that will stand the test of time  (excuse the pun!).


Sanjo 2 Strap Trainer – £68.5