The Exercise Revolution – Group Personal Training at Movers & Shapers

I can’t wait to try this myself! Being  pregnant, I’m going to have to wait a little while but then I’ll be a devotee, I’m certain. Instead, I’m living vicariously through Mr. PCG who, in need of a complete fitness overhaul, is the proud owner of an unlimited monthly subscription to our local Movers & Shapers studio.

What exactly is this revolution, you may ask? Well, their studios are popping up in residential areas near you now. What they offer, in equipment based classes, is an intense workout in a thirty minute session with an experienced personal trainer. With never more than five people in a session and often (I hear), if you don’t go a peak times, just two or three. It’s a bargain – personal training in small groups.

More importantly though this is a boutique approach to fitness. With nutrition advice, six-weekly reviews and training tailored to each individual’s needs it is literally personal training at a fraction of the cost. They’ve also hit the nail on the head with the very small groups because it keeps motivation high throughout  nobody wants to give up in front of other people do they!?

So, a boutique environment, five minutes down the road, a brilliant app that lets you book into your chosen session easily and short sharp workouts that leave you shaking – well Mr PCG is coming home exhausted anyway. Before, although he knew he needed to get fit, he just couldn’t find the time or the commitment for the gym or bi- or tri-weekly hour-long sessions. That’s where so many people fail. There are also sessions running throughout the day so it’s impossible not to find one to suit!

A word on the exercise itself – Movers & Shapers has made it their ethos to keep abreast of the most effective and up to date techniques. Research is showing now that efficient exercise doesn’t need a lot of time. You just need to exercise smart and this is exactly what you get. They look after you in every way so that you achieve results fast. So, if you can’t motivate yourself to go to the gym, you don’t have the time to train for hours at a time and you want results fast, head down to your local Movers & Shapers studio. It’s the exercise of the future, today.

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