Aliens Love Underpants Live – A Review. Theatre for Kids and Adults Alike


It’s been a great summer for theatre if you’re a toddler. First there was the most enchanting Elephantom and now the West End summer run of Aliens Love Underpants. Taking my nearly three-year old to see this wonderful adaptation from the much-loved children’s story book by Claire Freedman at the Leicester Square theatre proved to be a brilliant day out not just for the little ones but for the adults too.

The show starts off with the four very talented cast members addressing their audience, asking for help to put on the show that we had come to see. What followed was an enjoyable experience not just for the kids but for us adults too. Telling the story of aliens who come to earth to steal underpants. They befriend a boy named Timmy, take him back on their spaceship to planet Janet where he finds a shrine to underpants. Getting home safe and sound he find it very hard to convince anyone that his story is true.

It’s packed full of songs, special effects, brilliant puppetry and audience interaction throughout. Not just fun but funny with the jokes making the adults giggle too. A great introduction to theatre. Just long enough to keep even the younger ones enthralled.

We made a day of it with lunch and a wander through Covent Garden and of course the other highlight; a ride on the Tube. Now this, I must add was only a highlight for the kids. I, having been tainted by hundreds of journeys back and forth to the City in my former life as a trader that seem nearly as alien to me now as those Aliens in their underpants. The Tube- I’ll pass, the show- it’s a must-see. Go before it’s too late and take the kids too!