Elephantom at the New London Theatre – A Review – Enchanting For Young and Old!

It’s the school holidays so bring on the activities. I prefer theatre to cinema; it’s higher brow! Start them early, I say. Moving after an acclaimed season at the National, Elephantom at the New London Theatre is a “must see” for young and old.  An enchanting story of a little girl who at first adores having an imaginary elephant living in her house, it makes her life so much more thrilling, her parents are always preoccupied and for the most part seem pretty disinterested in what she does.  But Elephantoms are too large for houses and before long major chaos ensues…
The masterful puppetry and movement is so amazing you are completely spellbound and barely acknowledge the actors manipulating them.  Dialogue is not missed in the slightest and makes the production even more special, movement of the cast almost like watching a ballet.
The highlight for kids has to be the fantastic array of music, sounds, lights and dancing Elaphantoms, you only need to look around to see how engaged they all are and totally stunned by what they see.  For the oldies among us, the subtle nuisances conveyed by the cast are brilliant – all in all a fun and inspiring piece of theatre which allows you to fuel your imagination as well as touch on your heart-strings!