Yummy Mummy Footwear – Shoes that I Cannot Live Without – Ash Wedge Trainers

kkNow, we all have to wear shoes and since my City days become an even more distant memory and one that day by day, I miss less and less, my wardrobe is changing for good.  I used to be  a bit of a rebel and wear MBT’s to work with my black Jigsaw trouser-suit and a tee-shirt – I was a bit of a rebel, one of the lads. They served me well because I used to rush on foot the half mile to the Underground station then rush on foot through Canary Wharf to work and if I wasn’t at some wine bar or other, I would either have no shoes on or my shoes firmly on my desk! I’m beginning to miss it now! It was fun. We had a lot of laughs and a lot of banter!

I digress, I am now writing a footwear review, not reminiscing about the City. Suffice it to say, I do go back every now and again and the shoes/boots that I am going to rave about are firmly on my feet 9 times out of 10 because they are super comfortable and go with everything. They are the Italian make Ash’s suede wedge trainers or if you want the exact model name and my favourite of them all, it’s the Bowie. Mine are in ‘midnight’ a perfect off black/blue. 

My new pair arrived today courtesy of Kate Kuba a shoe shop that I know well with four branches, one being near me, in Muswell Hill and a big online presence and brilliant choice of Ash footwear including their legendary biker boots too. What I love about Kate Kuba apart from their great selection of the key collection pieces is that they have local stores so you can always go to try things on or change them if the sizing isn’t right AND their pricing is really, really good with my trainers costing £144 on their website vs. £169 elsewhere.


I absolutely love my Bowie wedges, they are smart enough to wear with dresses and can be dressed ‘down’ if you lace them loosely at the top and pull the tongue out a bit. They come in a range of colours with ‘midnight’ being one I haven’t seen before and they are so unbelievably comfortable that us shorter ladies (5″1 and a half!!) can wear the wedge heel as if we were wearing a simple trainer every day all day. So, if you are looking for one pair of shoes/boots to get you through this Autumn then take a look in these. I love mine!