Fuss Free Dinner Parties – The Ultimate Desserts!

macI wasn’t really sure that there was such a thing as a fuss free dinner party. I’m a perfectionist and I’m also Jewish. Not a great mix when it comes to catering because you need to prepare three times as much food as is needed AND it all needs to be perfect ( in your own eyes – a perfectionist has the highest standards!). So,  you can see how quickly a simple dinner party for six becomes a task as mammoth as feeding the five thousand and not just feeding them anything but giving them a meal capable of charming the most grumpy of the Masterchef  judges, you know the one -that sour-faced Kate Spicer – not only charming her, but winning the competition.

With this as background information you will probably be wondering what why I even try. Well, I am a sociable person and if you want to have friends and keep them, you can’t always go to other people to eat, you have to feed them too. So, I try and try.

The reason for this post is to flag some gorgeous, little, fancy desserts to you. Whilst perusing the Ocado website as you do, purchasing the blinis and keta caviar, salmon (poached with three salads – fresh broccoli and raisin new potato, (hint – add grain mustard to the mayo, it’s delicious) and lastly fennel with radishes and sumac (a middle-eastern spice that adds a lemony taste to dishes), I came across something that is going to revolutionize my dessert offering and make my life very much easier than it was. Battling with dessert as well as trying to poach a salmon correctly as well as all that chopping is just the thing that tips me over the edge into panic. So, look no further than Ocado frozen desserts section. ‘What?!’ I hear you say. Yes, you read right. These aren’t just any frozen desserts though, they are the Masterchef-winning dessert of desserts and they are on offer now (half price!).  Traiteur de Paris Petit Fours look and taste divine.  as they say ‘made by chefs for chefs’ and they are not wrong. Ocado offers two choices on offer; the 24 mini desserts with 4 Apple Tatin, 4 Vanilla and chocolate ingots, 4 Almond cakes with orange dome and crystallised orange peel, 4 Chocolate shortbread cake, keel and almond, 4 Almond cakes, red fruit jelly and raspberries, 4 Almond tart with apricot or, 36 macarons. Get them whilst you can, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than buying from any of the very upmarket patisseries, which is the comparative thing and it’s easy because they come frozen and you just defrost – hey presto – dinner party panic-attack averted!