Flaws Beware -BB Cream Strikes Again- the Next Generation

I’ve written about BB before. Last year, right back when the market wasn’t saturated with every brand bringing out their own version. A miracle cream that does multiple jobs at once. In our age of rushing around, no time for anything, what we need is a shortcut or at least a product that saves us time and it’s all very well saving us time but it has to be effective too.

I haven’t tried all the BB creams out there but I have tried a fair few and the thing that I dislike the most is when they are more foundation and less cream.
Decleor are just launching exclusively through QVC, their BB cream and I was lucky enough to try it. Based on the Decleor ethos of using aromatherapy oils and natural ingredients for one it smells divine! More importantly, it’s texture is soft yet creamy and light and it melts into the skin. It does contain pigment although not too much, enough to give you a clearer, more even complexion. I have to commend Decleor because its lovely to use and gives a great finish without looking like make up. It also contains an SPF15 so gives you protection against pollution and UVA and UVB. It says that it gives 24 hour hydration and in the summer I’m sure that this is enough on its own but I would definitely recommend as do Decleor, using it over their facial oil in the winter.