Best Baby Retailer Award goes to………..

I know that this is going to be the second post about them in quite a short space of time in my blogosphere but I think deservedly so which is what counts really, isn’t it! I only review or write about worthy causes and Mothercare (no, I don’t work for them!) in my eyes, is one of those. As a self proclaimed upper-middle class girl, I was always of the impression that Mothercare was a shop to avoid. A little down market and until having my own little boy, the impression stuck. I had no need for their offering so I never actually knew what that was. I’m now wiser and a lot older(!) and I know better.
There are many independent children’s shops that have popped up on the more affluent High Streets and I am all for supporting them and their uniqueness but as they have become popular and trendy, the true winner is the dark horse. The shop that offers the reasonable and brilliant quality (beware the sizing is big but then it lasts!) babygrows and sleepsuits in multi-packs – just what a mother needs; you buy mostly white to avoid having the washing machine running 24 hours a day. It’s just a hassle. Out of the window goes the idea that your baby will be dressed like a little doll from head to toe no matter how much extra help you have at home. Baby Pregnantcitygirl wore babygrows almost every day until he was 10 months old. Then there’s all the bath stuff, the toys, the nappy paraphernalia I could go on but you get the idea. You name it, everything you need for a baby is there and you always know that if there is an offer on, that their prices are always the lowest by far. Never fear, they also price match, no questions asked (unlike some!!!). That is what we mothers need. A place that we can go without thinking. Everything we need in one place. So that’s why my Best Baby Retailer’ award has to go to Mothercare. They also deliver as I have just taken delivery of my Stokke footmuff to match my pram. Yes, Mothercare sells yummy mummy upmarket brands too. They truly are a one stop shop. Thank-you guys and before I forget, their maternity range surprised me too; my bump and I lived in one of their black wrap tops all those months ago. Three cheers for a company that truly adds value!