Mothercare launches an App and it’s Mega-useful too!

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited along to the UK launch of Mothercare’s long-awaited App and what a pleasure it was. Hosted, by the too-yummy-for-mummy Myeleene Klass at the swanky Charlotte Street Hotel.  I would have been foolish to turn down the invite. That said, me being one of the 74% of mums who ‘agree that they would be lost without their smartphones’,  I am always interested in the technology arena, especially if it’s more than a simple shopping opportunity!

Well, it was a well-attended event with delicious mini burgers and fish and chips but enough said about peripherals! On the night we were introduced to what turns out to be much, much more than an app for shopping at Mothercare. The company has put a lot of time and thought into their first app which pulls together everything an expectant and a new mother might need all in one place with a few added extras to come soon! You can customise your home screen with a picture of your little one and then as you look further there is a contraction calculator (every mother and father-to-be knows they used one!),  a  ‘Baby Tunes’ function, playing all types of music for baby including the all important nursery rhymes, lullabies and especially, the white noise and access to the Mothercare blog and Mothercare TV-both great sources for handy tips and advice. That aside, there are ‘checklists and wishlists’ where you can find out what to pack in  your hospital bag as well as tick it off once you have bought it and it is flexible enough to add you own items too, to create a personalised shopping list.  There really is everything a mummy needs, all in place not forgetting the all important ‘Baby names’ function where you simply shake the phone to generate suggestions ( no need to buy the books any-more  and the ‘pregnancy week by week’ which is one that I personally used religiously to track baby PCG’s progress throughout my pregnancy.


Last, but not least , you now have access from your smartphone, to all the brilliant shopping that Mothercare already offers online or in store along with the all-important reviews. So, a big congratulations to a store that I liked very much already. You have just become a lot better. For any expectant mum who is confused as to what you may or may not need just download the free Mothercare app and you have it all there. Et voilà!