If I can drag myself away from websites selling baby gear I might just tell you about Boo Boo

5.5 weeks to go! It’s very exciting and I am not at all nervous (although Mr. Pregnantcitygirl did admit to me the other day that he is!). I am still relatively small so I am not waddling too much, I still haven’t purchased any maternity clothes; who needs to with smock dresses and leggings? We are off to see the midwife today at UCH. Week 34/35 check-up. Really not long to go. We are organised, yet I cannot stop thinking that I have a million things to do. I am counting on Baby Pregnantcitygirl arriving late. For some reason I have got it into my head that all firstborn babies are late. I didn’t know before yesterday that 17% of IVF babies are early so now the clock really is ticking! Awaiting delivery of the co-sleeping cot, (if it’s late then its carrycot time!) and we need to buy the last ‘bits and pieces’, pack hospital bag and arrange umbilical cord blood collection. My interest in stem cells has led me to the conclusion that we will definitely be doing this. My Dad had his own stem cells harvested during his myeloma treatment and it’s a much easier process to do this from the umbilical cord. Stem cells are being used to treat many diseases nowadays.