Monkey Business at Monkey Nuts – Foodie Family Midweek Lunch

Having spent the best part of a a month In Thailand, London is where the summer is! We are in Crouch End today, to be precise. Lunching during the week can be pretty hit and miss. Cheap but not cheerful, cheerful but not cheap. However, Money Nuts marries the two perfectly. Plus, the food is good!

Crouch End is very family friendly. We arrived to tables filled with kids and lots of yummy mummies. I’d been drawn in by the burger deal – £7.95 for a burger, fries and soft drink during the week. I was already familiar with the children’s menu.; loads of choice at reasonable prices.

The restaurant is cool, yet fun and relaxed and the menu has plenty of choice but within the same style of food. It’s all well and good when the menu is vast but you can be sure that no chef can keep standards high when cooking from a massively diverse menu.

Here, we are looking at burgers, brunch and good old American food. Hubby and I opted for the burger lunch deal. I haven’t had a burger for years. Mine was juicy, authentic and tasty. The kids had a burger and hotdog respectively with juices and milkshakes to boot.

Service was friendly, professional and on point. Actually very impressive. Included in the children’s menu were desserts. Chocolate brownie and a sundae, then a blow-your-mind peanut butter cookie dough skillet and a sticky toffee pudding.

Everything arrived beautifully cooked (including the burgers – our waitress actually asked how we wanted them cooked!), on time and as we’d ordered. No mean feat, you say. I would disagree. Sometimes the hardest things to do are the simplest. This place gets it right in spades.

Monkey Nuts, Crouch End 020 8340 4466