There’s botox, there’s fillers but then there’s the miracle that is Sculptra: Read this!

I learnt something today. Don’t take that statement lightly because I am quite surprised that I learnt anything at all! I went along with my mother to the open evening in Harley Street of the ‘hottest new doc on the block’, Dr Andrew Douglas ( . Now, I may have mentioned before that as a salesperson by nature I am surprisingly easy to sell to. As Mr. Pregnant Citygirl puts it, I’ll buy ‘anything with bright colourful lights ‘; but on the flipside I am also very critical and look to find fault.
Today there is no end to the list of ‘celebrity’ aesthetic surgeons in London and after LA and New York I’m guessing we have our fair share in our metropolis. I myself have seen one or two – not for anything big and never botox (yet); also had my lips done a few times – everyone said I didn’t need it and most said I looked better before. For me it’s like a change of hairstyle or colour – except that I prefer not to cut my long blond hair! I’ve had filler in my cheeks once (apparently restores the youthful look as cheeks lose fullness as we age). I liked the look but didn’t really notice once it had worn off; ditto with some other filler that I had 3 or 4 years ago along the nasolabial fold (lines between nose and mouth to you and me) which were hardly noticeable then or now! I’ve also tried radio frequency: this involves heating up the lower layer of the skin so that it contracts and tightens. I didn’t have a serious session so I didn’t see much difference but, I feel this offers a lot of promise for the future. I’ve also had facial acupuncture which really works: by ‘injuring’ areas of the face with needles it causes a repairing and regenerating action which really seems to make the face appear more youthful.