I wonder whether it’s normal ?

I’m getting sick of my own writing style. It seems a tad narcissistic to blog about oneself. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m really only doing it for the money! I’m still delusional enough or a positive enough person ( however you look at the world) to believe it’s worth having hope. I must admit, also, that although In the past I would have turned my nose up at the idea, writing is somewhat therapeutic. Especially helping to pass time for someone as impatient as myself. Tube journeys to the hospital and waiting around are no longer hiking my stress levels sky-high.
Today, I’m on the Tube off to meet a very good friend for lunch . Someone I met a long time ago when I was working in a French bank. An analyst back then and the smartest person I know by far in the investment world.  Anyway, I’ve had to avoid him for the last four months as one of my drinking/lunching buddies. It would have been too obvious otherwise. Added to that is that fact that as a dear friend, I really wanted to tell but B really reigned me and my big mouth in so against all my instincts I kept quiet.
Just met him for a very convivial lunch. Cheap and cheerful Turkish at Tas in Farringdon. I can almost say that I’m starting to enjoy sober meals out. Diet Coke (just the odd one, mind) is the new Pinot Grigio. I’m definitely happier and more relaxed. Everyone keeps saying.
I’m in the ante natal ward at UCLH now (my second time this week but this time to see the consultant) and it’s still a pleasant and uncrowded place to be. Theres a lady with a tiny, tiny baby standing 5 feet away. I’m actually thinking it’s cute and not hating it for once. Perhaps I’m coming to terms with being pregnant and I’m able to appreciate it. I think it also comes down to the fact that I’m super relaxed re work. My ‘boss’ is off for three weeks ‘working’ so I don’t even need to go to the office for an hour a day to ease my guilt. I’ve been to pregnancy pilates this morning. I really enjoyed it. At Pilates Art Physiotherapy in Kilburn High Road. Mat classes taught by physiotherapists. Very thorough and a nice teacher named Maria. It was a hard workout but a good one as I actually worked some of those lazy muscles of mine!
Blimey, I’m almost raving for me. I’m in a good mood. This is becoming a scary habit!