London Christmas Shows for Kids – The Gruffalo’s Child & Peppa Pig Live

Following on from its fantastically successful predecessor, the Gruffalo, the Arts Depot plays host to a roaringly festive, Tall Stories’ adaption of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s award winning show, The Gruffalo’s Child.

Ignoring her father’s instructions never to step foot in the deep, dark wood, the Gruffalo’s child sets off on a moonlight adventure, meeting the much loved characters from this classic story along the way. She’s looking for the Big Bad Mouse. Does he really exist? Trailing the snowy tracks, singing some very catch tunes and bringing this classic to life, this is an enchanting show that piles on the Christmas cheer. This is a definite winner for all ages. Age 3+.

For the very youngest audience members, another totally modern classic that has them squealing, shouting and exposed to the elements in this festive edition of the Peppa Pig Live show at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. Life-sized puppets of Peppa, George, family and friends, sing, dance and interract with their enthralled onlookers. From Daisy’s first day at school with madame Gazelle, to the class camping trip with Daddy Pig and muddy puddles, down to a surprise appearance by a very special guest at the end, this id Peppa Pig at her best.