Finding Santa at the Little Angel Theatre. A Review

The Christmas Season is upon us. It seemed like only last week that I’d had that sinking feeling that you get once all the festivities are over and you are just left with back to work and long winter days.

So, it’s with great pleasure that we pile into the car and set off to my favourite theatre for kids, to Islington. We are off to see Finding Santa in their studio space. It’s a great little space just around the corner from the main theatre where the more interactive shows take place. We were last there for a fantastically comical Punch and Judy workshop in the summer.

I’ve managed to keep my big mouth shut and not tell my seven and three year old what we are seeing. They are both slightly obsessed with Christmas – especially, I imagine because we’re Jewish and especially the youngest, who doesn’t really understand the concept, except that it involves Santa and presents!

Last years Santa’s Little Workshop proved so popular that Finding Santa; magical puppetry, the excellence that is the Little Angel Theatre, coupled with lots of interactive family fun was born.

The first chance to really get into the Christmas spirit, laughter for young and old, Christmas cracker jokes, slapstick comedy, quirky characters and even a chuckle at Brexit. A few important concepts about friendship get tackled along the way too.

This is an interactive adventure perfect for 3-8 year olds. Written by children’s author Sean Taylor (of Where the Bugaboo Lives). Audience participation dictates where the story leads; woods or tundra, ice bridge or cave? The fantastically talented actors needing to learn multiples different outcomes, interact with the audience from start to finish! Puppetry doesn’t take second stage. Look out for the cowardly wolf who is scared of the forest, the wise, lost, penguin and the mean witch.

How do Santa’s letters actually get to him in the first place? How do you avoid any delivery disasters and what you do if a witch steals the post?

This is the perfect way to get back into the spirit of Christmas. So dust off your sparkly shoes, rev up the Christmas cheer and get on down to the Little Angel Studios for a heartwarming introduction to Christmas for kids.