It’s BBQ Time- Head to Lidgates for the Best of the Best

As we come in to the second heatwave of the summer, temperatures soar and people grab every opportunity to spend time outdoors, the great British pastime of a BBQ comes into its own. No more sitting in drizzle, no more cardigans, umbrellas (of the waterproof variety) and no making the best of a bad situation.

We have hit the BBQ jackpot. Clear blue skies abound, temperatures are soaring and sunscreen and sun umbrellas are a must for us fair-skinned Brits. Now, I’m not here to give advice on sun protection nor rain, for that matter. What I am here to do though is to make sure that you know what to eat and where to buy it. Don’t rush out to the nearest local supermarket and pick-up mediocre meats whatever you do. BBQ’s are simple affairs of cooking good meat over an open heat. Let the meat speak for itself. If you choose wisely, a simple burger will sing without ketchup and a sausage won’t need a bun ( although I’m not necessarily forbidding it!)

Now Lidgates is the best butcher in London with 150 years of history to back it up. It’s where Richard Branson buys his meat, sources from HRH Highgrove, amongst others and is run by the charming 5th generation, Danny Lidgate. Lidgates have always recognised the importance of provenance and welfare, long before the competition ever did. With a shop in affluent Holland Park and now a gorgeous farm shop at Crockford Bridge Farm, Lidgates are bringing carnivores the best quality there is. They use a network of family farmers to supply mouthwatering metas.

So, what can you expect from Lidgates for a BBQ? Well, firstly there’s home delivery UK wide, next day free delivery in London and prices that aren’t extortionate given what you actually get.

We ordered a selection of sausages and burgers for our last BBQ. Kept is simple. Wagyu beef and HRH Highgrove burgers both juice and melt in the mouth, bursting with flavour. Brioche buns worked perfectly to show off the phenomenal flavour of the meats. As for sausages, take your pick with whatever takes your fancy but be sure in the knowledge that each and every one is as good as the next; chilli and fennel, Gloucester Old Spot, Barbecue, pork & Guinness, Caramelised Onion, Venison, Wild Boar, Chicken and Apple, Chicken and Asparagus are to name a few. Each bursting with flavour. None of the supermarket mass produced, tasteless meat, just pure meaty pleasure.

Lidgates also offer a plethora of ready to BBQ, marinated meats for that special occasion or Sunday lunch barbecue. Wonderful, fragrant kebabs of every kind that just sing for some heat and a simple salad to accompany them; Chicken & lemongrass, Lamb & Rosemary, Vitello Pomodoro, Caribbean Steak or Chicken.

If you want a real barbecue and are looking for the best of the best, if you want your friends to fall over you with compliments about your food and you want to impress them, then look no further, Lidgates is the place to buy!