The French Chef’s secret cheat to easy, delicious soup. You will be amazed. Au pair taught!

I have a French au pair. You will know this is true because it’s ten to six in the evening and I am actually able to write this. My gorgeous son is next door in his room playing with Gaelle the au pair. Wonderwoman; not just any au pair. No, she comes with a degree in childcare, vast experience working in creches and a first aid certificate – get that! And, not only that, she is twenty-five, mature, quiet but not shy, goes out but not too much and loves my little boy as I do (well, almost!). I can practice my French with her and she’s teaching Alexander-his only word so far is ‘non’! I’m going to stop now to touch wood and also before I jinx us but suffice to say I’m happy and at last I feel a little normal. I have some time to do things!

So, today, in just 25 minutes, I decided to make use of the four large cup mushrooms slowly shrivelling in the fridge. I say 25 minutes but 20 of those 25 was unattended roasting time. I sprinkled olive oil, dried ‘herbes de Provence’ and chopped garlic on top of them and left to roast. Then, added them to about a litre of chicken stock in a saucepan ( Kallo organic) 3 LAUGHING COW TRIANGLES and then liquidised. Salt and pepper to taste and finished with a drizzle of truffle oil and voila as they say in France. Bon’ app! Give it a go. In France even chefs cook with Vache qui rit. It’s no longer a secret. Also works amazingly with courgette and onion! PS without salt it’s great for kids too. Add onions if you have them too, works well.