A Review of Sleepyhead – The Little Angel Theatre

Sleepyhead is yet another cracker from the people who do puppetry best – The Little Angel Theatre, Islington. Written and directed by Michael Fowkes and aimed at the 2-5 year old age group, this 45 minute show, as always, captivates its core audience, cajoling them on to their feet and towards the stage when the bubbles arrive, but also has a sense of humour running through it that makes the adults chuckle too.


A very tired and dozy-looking Dada is trying to put naughty, baby to sleep. Desperate for some rest he is persuaded to get out his magic box. Donning a comical magic robe and top hat, he only succeeds in lulling himself to sleep in baby’s bed. Clever baby covers his Dada up with a blanket and  evades sleep the only way he knows how. What ensues is an adventure through a rabbithole to a very surreal other world where baby, using Dada’s magic wand, bring his toys to life for comical fun and frolics. From baking cakes and flying ingredients to the arrival of his friend Rabbit – where the pandemonium really begins, cute baby with his oversized head makes the most of Dada being sound asleep. Every so often, he stirs but clever Baby rushes over to rock him back to lalaland so he can continue his nighttime frolicks!

Charming, funny and more than a tad bit dreamy, Phil Yarrow and Roddy Peters, the two pupeteers, bring an extra special something to this production that works for young and old alike.