The Very Hungry Caterpillar at the Ambassadors Theatre

An uplifting and masterful Johnathan Rockerfeller adaptation of four of the much-loved author, Eric Carle’s, classic children’s stories.

In its second season, having seen worldwide success, the talented, four -strong puppeteer team from the Puppet Kitchen bring over seventy-five captivatingly colourful puppets to life. Voice work too is impressive, with so many different characters.

From the pregnant seahorse, to the huge elephant and the multicoloured polka dot donkey, the visuals alone more than keep the attention of the young audience.

The first three stories; The Artist who Painted a Blue Horse, Mister Seahorse and The Very Lonely Firefly stand alone as wonderful stage adaptations of Carle’s books, filling the stage with light, bubbles, uplifting music and hi-energy and as the lead in to the finale – the ‘43 million copies sold’ star of the show, there’s a sense of excitement even amongst the adults, as if a long-lost friend has just arrived to tea.

People can’t help narrating along, holding back their applause after each bite. The caterpillar has a character all of its own and doesn’t disappoint! Wriggly and very hungry indeed, the metamorphoses into a stunning butterfly is the icing on the cake of this truly fantastic show. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is must for young and older – my six-year-old fell in love with the huge, colourful, animated puppet characters and so will you.