Product of the Week-Terrybly Densiliss Concealer by Terry – Beauty

Kicking off my new ‘Product of the Week’ slot is a brilliant under-eye concealer which basically provides everything you need for eyes in one.

I’ve always loved By Terry products as they are always multi-effective, thus saving on layering of too many products and ultimately money. Even if they do cost that little bit more; they are all worth the initial outlay.

They call it an anti-wrinkle serum, foundation firming protector. It basically covers dark circles, brightens and tightens, all whilst actively targeting wrinkles long-term.

A choice of six shades, it glides on and sinks in beautifully but gives total, flawless coverage which stays put all day. What I truly love about this product is that it creates a radiance rather than a dull, simple foundation-like look. It is rich in mineral pigment but still looks totally natural. You would never believe that you were wearing a concealer. You just look radiant and well-rested all whilst treating your wrinkles at the same time!

I’ve gone from someone who never used any under eye concealer to someone who dabs a little in the corner under my eyes and smoothes it just under and around before going on the school run. It doesn’t feel like make-up which is brilliant. I’m starting to think it’s going to be one of those ‘ can’t live without’ products. In fact, I know it is.