Mind the Gap – Dentistry just got its Om! (teeth whitening)


I’ve been researching teeth whitening for a while now. White teeth make you look younger. Or, conversely, yellow teeth age you. Despite having a healthy set of gnashers, they are showing their age badly. Recently, out of pure need, I’ve started drinking coffee (only in moderation, mind) but I’m mindful with each sip that I’m staining.

Teeth whitening as a technique is nothing new. In 3000bc people chewed sticks to clean stains. In fact, in Egypt, 4000 years ago they created a whitening paste using pumice stone and wine vinegar. White teeth signified wealth and beauty. Ancient Romans used urine to whiten their teeth (the ammonia did the job). In the 17th century, the barber looked after hair and teeth. He would file them down and apply acid for whitening. However they eventually saw that the acid eroded. Early in the 19th century fluoride was discovered. Little has changed to this day – people still covet whiter teeth. The only thing is that the technique has changed!

I’ve just spent an hour with the most charismatic dentist I’ve ever met. If you don’t know Giacamo Favero now, then remember the name because you can bet your bottom molar that this man has a story to play out that’s going to change the way we see a visit to the dentist. Watch this space!

Enough of the dental puns for now. My visit to Dr Favero’s Wimpole Street office was to try a natural but very effective whitening technique that Dr Favero developed himself. £150 and 25 minutes in your lunch break is a powerful anti-ageing tool. Using a peroxide-free product and state-of-the-art halogen light, you get superb results.

Dr Favero was very keen though to make clear that whitening is a lifestyle choice. Expectations need to be managed and treatment needs to be regular to keep teeth tip top. With ethics top of his agenda along with mindfulness and treating your body as a whole and not just your teeth, his approach is refreshing but every bit on trend and leading the trend by dentistry standards.

From a long line of dentists, Favero is a pro, a professor who also had taught at the University of Padua. We talked about the stresses of London life and meditation. Does this go hand in hand with dentistry? Why not? Everything is turning natural. We are looking after ourselves more so than ever before, from the inside out. Teeth are part of a living breathing being, forever evolving and we need to look after that being, not just the teeth. That said, my teeth are whiter and brighter and I’ve got a list of alkaline foods to follow to keep them that way. This was more than just a lunchtime whitening, more of an experience. He also is an absolute pro at real dentistry too. So, go for it. You won’t regret it but remember, whitening doesn’t stop at the dentist door. Find out more here. Check out the before and after below!

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