Clarins Bath – Relax Bath Shower Concentrate, Eau Dynamisante Shower Mousse

3380810644104I’m always on the lookout for bath products. Bath time is ‘me time’. It’s generally the only twenty minutes during the day that I get to myself, so I like to make it special. To me that means a little bit of luxury. I don’t like cheap bath products. I don’t enjoy wallowing in chemicals and colourings. Instead I look for products that can be beneficial as well as enjoyable to use. Then, I grab my magazine and relax!
Clarins Relax Bath Shower concentrate is a great little product as it’s good for the shower too. Packed with essential oils that cleanse and release their benefits in warm water. Camomile, basil, st Johns wort and valerian blend to produce a foam to rub on skin leaving it smooth and fragrant.
Also by Clarins in their signature Eau Dynamisante fragrance is their Shower Mousse that takes me back to my teenage years, packed with ginseng, aloe vera and more essential oils , this ph-neutral foam is a gentle cleanser that leaves skin supple and revitalised.
So, something for the bath or the shower – in a rush or looking to relax. What’s not to like?