Brand Watch – Braun Clean Teeth, Smooth Skin.

oralThis isn’t a greatly thrilling post. It’s about personal care. Can it be? One thing I have to say though is that I was thrilled with both of these products when I tried them and they are a necessity. I can’t just recommend the fun stuff!
Anyway back to the brief. Two products that needed updating in my bathroom from much older, less efficient model; an electric toothbrush and an epilator. Both of utmost importance and both tiresome to use when they don’t do their job properly.
Let’s start with the toothbrush. Ever since electric toothbrushes came on to the market I was sold: I’m a stickler for dental hygiene. I was one of those kids with braces and now have lovely straight teeth so like to look after them. An electric brush is a no-brainer. Used correctly they clean teeth a million times better than manual brushing with minimal effort. I am shocked when I see people using manual brushes ( mainly on Big Brother- how can celebrities not look after their teeth?!!). It’s a big like not owning a mobile phone!
Anyway, I did my research and found that the latest model Braun Oral B  pro 5000 is the brush to buy. It tells you when you are pushing to hard (Smartguide technology), has a timer, a whitening mode and literally leaves your teeth feeling like you’ve just left the hygienist after a clean and polish. So, ladies and gentlemen, no need to research. I’ve done it for you.

My next exciting bathroom gadget is an epilator. After much surfing, I found the all-singing, all-dancing Silk epil 7. It’s the next generation in epilator that can be used in the shower too so with open pores and therefore less discomfort.
It’s the Rolls Royce of epilators which comes with every conceivable extra, even a special head for sonic exfoliation and facial cleansing and you know how popular that has become! This way you only need the one gadget. There’s a head for sensitive areas, a head for larger surface areas and also one that massages as it exfoliates which again limits discomfort significantly. This particular gadget catches even the shortest of hairs. It’s the reason why I love it ; it’s quick, relatively painless and hugely effective so can be put in your luggage and used to keep fuzz at bay on holiday. No self-respecting bathroom should be without one!