A Day at the Baby Spa (Kensington!)

Baby Spa

Well, if there isn’t time for Mummy (note how I call myself ‘Mummy’ now- wasn’t expecting that!) to relax, why not spoil baby PCG instead! It isn’t as if he isn’t spoilt enough. No, if he cries he gets cuddles, if he’s bored he gets what he wants (to be cuddled whilst walking around looking at the newness of the world around him) and usually he doesn’t just have the attention of one adult, it’s probably two or three. Catering to his every whim, cooing and kissing and playing and peek-a-booing. ‘A little prince’, says his grandma. And he is. A gorgeous 24/7-pampered prince and I love him. So, with that said, to avoid the hairs, the plasters and the flotsam and jetsam of the local swimming pool and baby swimming class, (I have self-diagnosed OCD with regards to cleanliness!) we decide to take baby PCG, or Alexander as he’s known to his many subjects to YourBaby Spa in Kensington. The perfect place for a baby spa wouldn’t you say!?

Now, we are just at the late end here in age terms. They take babies from birth given that warm water has been their natural habitat thus far, it’s a perfect transition to swimming. Ahead of us today in the ‘tranquil haven’is a 75 minute spa session (lucky boy!) which includes water flotation and massage. Can’t wait!

I’m writing this post visit now. We had a lovely session at the Baby Spa and any worry that I had had about Baby PCG being older was totally unfounded; he loved it. The idea of taking babies as young as possible is that they have no fears of new things at an early age. As is happens, Baby PCG mostly has a bath with me and loves the water. The Spa is hidden away just behind KensingtonChurch Street. We arrived to something that did indeed resemble a spa but with the feel ofsimple luxury rather than anything overly ostentatious. If I have to be honest, as you take your shoes of and walk through to the ‘viewing area’ (only one parent allowed in to the actual pool/massage room at a time, the other has a perfect view through the glass), it reminded me of a dog grooming parlour, purely because of the glass viewing area! That said this may well have been the best grooming parlour on the plant because watching through that glass and seeing your little one float happily in the 35-degree ozonated pool or being gently massaged by one of the highly trained therapists is really a lovely experience in itself and that’s before you take in to account the fact that the babies enjoy it too! There are many benefits for baby. Floating in the pleasantly warm pool helps develop mind-awareness and co-ordination, relieves colic and promotes relaxation. All the mothers that I chatted to there told me how well their babies slept after a session (most were booked for courses of 10 which then lead on to swimming lessons in one of the pools that the lovely Laura Sevenus herself teaches in, (she is indeed a teacher with over forty years experience) and if I were to consider swimming lessons in a communal pool it would certainly be with her!

The video speaks for itself. Don’t be alarmed by the Bubby (float) around his neck, it has actually been designed especially for purpose by Laura herself and gives babies freedom to move effortlessly in the water.

Your Baby Spa Video Click Here