Come fly with me….

It’s time for another travel post. Actually, I lie. It’s a pre-travel post. A post about preparing to travel. A daunting experience for a new parent. Baby Pregnantcitygirl has tired us both out. It’s happened. We are exhausted. Mr. Pregnantcitygirl is ill for the third time in as many months and I have black rings around my eyes the size of car tyres.
So we need a holiday and I don’t do anything in halves. We are probably going to Thailand. I love Thailand; the food, the people, the shopping, the service. You can’t get better service than in Asia. You can actually often feel like you are even getting value for money, shock horror!
Now, we have one problem, apart from a 12 hour flight with a 5 month old baby (in business class so at least I’ll feel tired in relative luxury!) it’s getting him to sleep through the night! Any suggestions welcome. We are on the acidophilus for weaning and bed at 7pm. However, he’s going through a patch of waking up every couple of hours! Nightmare!
By the way I thought worth a mention was a website kindly recommended to me by a lovely lady at BA. Started by one of her colleagues and aimed at parent who work mad hours and need childcare is
The concept is a no-brainer and one which I’m sure will have people sighing with relief. At long last a service really tailored to today’s manic hard-working society!