Christmas Baby – Update. 7 weeks & 8lbs 14oz (4lbs 4oz birth)
Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah. I have a baby starting to cry in the background, well, I did. He is now in his Baby Bjorn bouncer and is being ‘good’ for the minute and I mean the ‘minute’!
It’s been a while again and I’m so sorry but it does just go to show how a newborn baby takes over your life. He is gorgeous though. Even if I do say so myself! Any minute now…, he’s still quiet. Quick, quick, type more quickly! Ok, hubby returned, I have some respite but that doesn’t mean a long post. Oh, no! It means I might have a few more minutes to do something else like have a bath, brush my teeth, go to the toilet. Motherhood is HARD! Nobody tells you. You wonder how these teenage mums on council estates cope (bet that will get a few people going). I’m an extremely capable woman and I’m just hanging on to my sanity. It is getting easier though. After nearly weekly visits to the GP (got to be done with a firstborn!), a circumcision, a frenotomy (tongue-tie release), a visit to A&E for a rash (sent by GP no less-turned out to be viral and went within 48 hours) we’ve had it all. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH though, of course. Who wouldn’t.
Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to one and all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx