StemCellution – Age solution?

Another of my finds I’ve been meaning to review, that has been patiently waiting for some attention in the Ibithencan Basket (a massive leather basket bag that I bought last year and doubles as my filing cabinet!) is StemCellution Serum by skin@harley street also known as ‘Patsy Kensit secret weapon’! It’s another stem cell based anti-ageing product and part of a range of products launched by Dr. Aamer Khan one of the most respected cosmetic doctors in London and Lesley Reynolds-Khan (former UK MD of Jan Marini). These guys also run a very hi-tech clinic in London offering the latest in cosmetic procedures and I mean the latest, including the no-knife stem cell face lift, (injecting your own fat and specially harvested stem cells back into the face) something that I am desperate to try once I have had Baby Pregnantcitygirl in November, well either that or Face Tite; a minimally invasive treatment which tightens the facial skin using nothing more than radio frequency and a local anaesthetic (I have had small areas of RF done before and it is effective yet non-invasive). More to come from me on that soon. Anyway all of this is the future of anti-ageing rather than the past which conjures up frozen foreheads and pillow faces!

I have a particular interest in StemCellution because I believe stem cell derived technology is the next big thing in skin anti-ageing. We know that it works from a medical perspective with stem cells being used to replace damaged cells in cancer patients for example. Stem cells make it possible to regenerate tissue and cells within the body. Stem cells are controversial but the future of medicine making the formerly impossible possible. Now, at the moment actual human stem cells cannot be used in cosmetics at all but the clever people at skin@harley street are using apple stem cells. In laymans terms, these cells help the signals given to skin cells to renew and rejuvenate, something that over time and as we age diminish. I wont baffle you with jargon but the serum is also packed with skin plumping and firming goodies (peptitdes and pentapeptides) as well as providing UV protection (a must have today). Pomegranate extract (I know the fruit is a superfood and juice is delicious!) provides anti-bacterial properties too. So, a cream that plumps, rejuvenates and protects all in one. Also, the serum is moisturizing so as long as you don’t have very dry skin (mine is sensitive to dry), then you do not need a moisturizer on top. I like multi-functional products a lot! It has a lovely consistency and goes on very smoothly leaving skin very, very, soft indeed. The plumping and smoothing aspect is also visible straight away. I also have to agree that it provides a great base for make-up. Unlike some of the anti-ageing creams on the market this one packs a punch at £50 without breaking the bank. to read more about the serum or