Week 31 Update. What have we gotten ourselves in to?!

Is the Overground ever on time? 12.50 to Stratford exp at 12.54. Bloody typical. It really pisses me off. I have no patience at the best of times but I can manage to get to (read ‘rush to’) the station on time as per usual but the train is,as per usual, late. It runs on tracks, up and down the line, automatically. Equipment is new, so why? Why? Why? Why? This country makes me sick sometimes. Happily put up fares way more than inflation and I mean WAY more and yet provide a substandard service. Ok, rant over. Nobody likes a moaner. It’s here now anyway. At 12.54.

I think that this is going to be a review-free post. I’m on my way to Hoxton for Vietnamese with a close friend of mine, ex-colleague. I’m so lazy that even to get out to something as pleasant as lunch takes a gigantic effort. The less you do, the less you do!

Tomorrow will be week 31! How time flies. It’s unbelievable. There’s no going back now! In around 64 days we will have a new addition to the family and unlike the two misbehaving cats ( pooing indoors; yes I know it’s stress, we are trying to address the problem with feline Valium; Zylkene – not working so far – and a state of the art chip reading catflap – exorbitant but progress is very slow, so slow in fact that you can hardly tell that it’s progress!). The best news of all is that a newborn in the house is also a big stress for cats! Nightmare.

I’m still feeling 100% healthy and fine. Sleeping well, still not purchased any maternity clothes (no need when I lounge about the house 80% of the time in 20yr old pyjamas (Calida – they last for ever) and then change into one of my black dress staples with leggings (cut at the sides to fit – I can afford to when they cost me a couple of quid) for the other 20%. This pregnancy malarky has been a lot easier than it’s cracked up to be (touch wood) and especially given the fact that I’m 39! Oh no! I said it. I’m 39. It was my birthday last Friday. We spent the weekend at Goodwood which was a lovely way for Mr Pregnant Citygirl to spend it (plus I enjoyed myself, I suppose!) but no more about that as I’m sure that you are sick of hearing about it or at least seeing the photos! On that note though, I am likely to post a ‘ best of’ photos. I have a new-found love of photography since one of the photos (published below) was picked out as the favorite by an online specialist petrolhead magazine!!! http://t.co/jNSAgohy

We are slowly accruing baby paraphernalia; breast pump ( Medela Swing), sterilizer (Philips Avent) bath ( now this is a cool one; the Tummy Tub) and I have just bagged a brand new Graco Sweetpeace Swing in EBay for half the normal price. I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has one or has used one as this is supposed to be the Rolls Royce of baby bouncers, the one that does things that ‘the baby doesn’t need’ but at the same price as a bulk standard on I think I’ve done the right thing.

We are waiting to get a quote to have a mural painted in the nursery (any recommendations more than welcome) and push chair number two is on the way. I keep feeling as if we are totally unprepared which,of course, we are but mentally much,much more than physically I’m sure!