Foodie Finds – clemency hall & Rosary cheeses, negroni meats & Wildings Duck Crackling

Summer food should be quick and easy and there’s nothing better than antipasti platters and some great cheeses. In my search for some of the best suppliers, I have stumbled on a unique new alternative to crisps and some of the best cheeses money can buy.

Wildings Duck Crackling is exactly that. Triple cooked, light and flavoursome, made from premium grade local duck and flavoured with natural flavourings, its hard not to polish off a packet whilst serving. Founder and chef, Adam Wilding took his time perfecting these crispy morsels with hi small team of food scientists – like pork crackling but only much better and lighter. Rich in protein, you will be hard pressed to choose between Pecking Duck, Smoked Seasalt & Kampot and Habanero Chilli & Lemongrass. These are new, exciting and a healthy alternative to crisps. Buy your here.

My favourite food is cheese. I’m a bit of an aficionado. When putting together a cheese board I look for variety and quality. I headed to Rowcliffe, a supplier to the Uk market for over fifty years. They supply clemency hall to top delis everywhere. The Spanish manchego has a firm texture and complex flavour, their Colston Basset blue Stilton packs a punch and the westcombe extra mature cheddar is a well-rounded, strong and flavoursome example. Add to that the creamy but powerful, raw milk flavour of the Rouzaire brie de meaux and finish off with a tangy soft English goats cheese from Rosary and your cheeseboard is complete. I coupled with membrillo ( a typical sweet Spanish quince paste), some grapes, biscuits and pate and fig cake to balance the sweet and savoury.

A meat plater filled with negroni mortadella, proscuitto crudo, Castellino sweet Sicilian Olives ( the beautiful, vibrant, fresh-tasting, green variety and some tart cornichons, rich sundried tomatoes and finally, mini Espuna tapas sausages make for the perfect balance. Now serve with some chilled white wine of choice and sit in the sunshine and enjoy!