Brand Watch Kids Shoes – Primigi

I like to have a handful of brands that I can trust, especially when it comes to looking after little children’s feet that are growing and pretty fragile things. A good pair of shoes is so important and a bad pair cab really ruin feet for life.

An Italian brand that I love and that little PCG wears often is Primigi. 35 years of experience with children’s feet they are synonymous with technical know-how, Italian style and scrupulously selected materials. What this means to little feet is perfect shoes!
As a specialist in kids shoes, they create for an ever developing market, meeting the specific needs of each age group.

All their shoes are comfortable , lightweight, breathable and durable. Especially important for me, having a little one who is hyper mobile and also has very hot feet! – the Sky Effect insole system is made of leather in order to have natural materials close to the skin and thereby supportive cushioning in the heel with air in the sole for shock absorbency!
This season we have been living in two styles one for indoors and one wooly lined for the cold winter. The quality means that they can withstand even the hardest beating from a three year old!