Brand Watch Kids – Maison Jean Bourget @YCW

HEADER_BOURGETThirty or so years ago, I remember, in France, stopping for lunch with my mum, dad and brother somewhere and then walking around the shops afterwards. My dad bought my little brother and I matching navy wincheaters. I still remember them being special. Knowing that we were lucky and that the brand was luxurious. Today, I was reunited with that same French brand and have dressed Alexander in it. It definitely took me back to my childhood!

The label is Maison Jean Bourget. A brand that was born in France from a family business in 1954 and has stayed synonymous with chic children’s luxury clothing as it has grown to be sold worldwide in more than forty countries.

The stockist that drew my attention to this gorgeous brand is Your Children’s Wardrobe the online boutique of the Huddersfield-based kid’s designer clothes store. With two shops, Amanda the owner has customers travelling far and wide to pick-up the best handpicked labels of which Jean Bourget is one.

Jean Bourget has been getting it right for many years. They offer ‘casual and modern’ and ‘chic and refined’, so for every occasion. One element that is true to both is workmanship. It’s a brand that dresses up to age 16 so there’s something for older kids too. I personally love it. Another French classic where you know you can’t go wrong! Take a look at the collection here. I chose the bright green jeans with a matching smart checked shirt, stripy socks (can’t forget matching socks, kids love the stripes!) and a cool yet comfortable and soft navy jacket with the checked trim on the inside. Details and quality just make this a very special outfit and the pop of green keeps it trendy!