‘He’s 1 already!’ and other exclaimations.

Today I’m adding a new category to my blog. No longer is ‘baby’ relevant. My gorgeous little boy is going to be one in two weeks time. To say I’m shocked would be reasonable and also I am sad. Am I depressed? I am mourning the baby months. Perhaps it just a sign of life passing by so quickly – it was my 40th birthday in September. I knew I was getting older but once you are forty you can’t kid yourself anymore, no matter how young you look and how immature you are. There is no escape. So, this blog goes from reviewing luxury lifestyle and baby products to full on deep, meaningful soul-searching in one fell post! Or is it soul-searching? I’m going to steer myself back towards lighter shores and less ‘me’ more ‘ my wonderful Alexander’ because one sure-fire way towards misery is focussing on the negative. I know, I’m brilliant at it and it hurts.
Back to reality and just two weeks to go. My little boy is nearly walking. Just as you think you’ve mastered something or rather your baby has mastered something then he’s ready to move on. Im not one for reading up on baby stuff. There just isn’t time. The au pair who has given me five hours to myself a day has long ago been digested into our daily life leaving me wanting more and feeling almost as needy as I was before she arrived and believe me she is better than Mary Poppins. So, we find ourselves with a toddler. I think it’s time to stop feeding him formula? I think he needs to start feeding himself? Perhaps I should be more sociable with my NCT group so that he gets a chance to interact with other toddlers? He starts ‘school’ in a years time. Off to Mulberry House, the hugely nurturing but hot- housey school luckily just down our road. It’s a wonderful place. Bowled both myself and Mr PCG over when we went to visit the week or so after Alexander was born. Even if he isn’t old enough to look forward to going I am looking forward to it on his behalf and not because I want to get rid of him, on the contrary I’m dreading the day he leaves my side, but I know he will love it there.
So it’s party time. I couldn’t decide whether to invite just family or family and friends but Mr PCG wanted a party so we have fifty or so of our closest friends and family coming. The toddlers narrowly escaped fancy dress ( Mr PCG, not me!). We are having it at my mum. She has much more space and I will stress much less that way. Cakes, bagels, prosecco and tea. What about decorations and balloons? We haven’t even got over Halloween yet. ‘Don’t worry’ I tell myself. I’ll blink and it will have passed so I must enjoy it whilst I can. Enjoy it whilst I can, enjoy it whilst I can, enjoy it whilst I can, enjoy it whilst I can……and for you my gorgeous, beautiful boy, as one day perhaps you may read what most of this is -‘rubbish’ -I love you with all my heart, one millions times over. You couldn’t be more perfect if you tried. Xxx