Baby Pregnantcitygirl waving from the Womb. 4D Video Clip.

Our DVD arrived yesterday so I waited impatiently for Mr Pregnantcitygirl to arrive home to watch it together. Now, did you have a wedding video? We did and I have watched it to death and have pushed it many a drunken night on unlucky, unsuspecting friends (especially after coming home from clubbing, perfect time – I like the soundtrack, so what?!). This DVD reminds me of our wedding video. I love it! The way it is edited, the introduction at the beginning to Baby Pregnantcitygirl with date of the ultrasound, the overall quality. Cocoon4D also gives you a choice of music or baby’s heartbeat as soundtrack to the video so you can choose as the mood takes you! Lastly we received a file to upload onto our IPad and Iphone to play it on them too, so all bases well and truly covered. Genius!

I have to say that Baby Pregnantcitygirl was not at all co-operative and that the second round of ‘filming’ was even more frustrating than the first with Baby’s head buried deep down and hiding! Typical. All other parents-to-be that day were sent away after just a first go, never to return, as their babies had been co-operative babies so we were indeed very unlucky. Oh well, such is life. I still love the DVD and I’m thrilled to have it. It was an unforgettable experience actually going for the ultrasound and getting a glimpse of our baby. Such a great idea, a lovely memory to have and totally original in its edited nature. The clip below managed to make it look like our baby is waving to us! I may post the longer version next week if there is sufficient demand or if I’m feeling very proud. I didn’t ask my friends if they wanted to watch our wedding video those hundreds of times!





Hello World! – click to play DVD clip